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The Narrow Gate Book Review

The Narrow Gate was a pleasant surprise of a book. Usually when I read books like this they come across as preachy without offering much substance to back it up. Paulsson, though, presented an amazing approach to the Gospel through an easy to read and follow guidebook based on Biblical fact. Even as a seasoned believer, I found this book to be informative as well as an incredible heart check. He uses language the everyday believer can understand as well as creates a guide to believing in God that is approachable for people new to faith or considering making that life altering choice to follow Christ. Paulsson covers many aspects of faith in this book. His breakdown of the ten commandments is masterful and easy to comprehend, as well as makes you think about where you stand on obedience to them. He also covers Salvation and the most important key to obtaining it, acceptance of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior to allow us to enter through that narrow gate. His work challenges you to think about your stance on belief and faith in a way that speaks to the heart rather than beats you over the head with it like some books on the subject. Every section of this book is backed up with Biblical fact and verses, which was nice. Many books I've read will present a verse from the Bible, only to leave it up to your own interpretation. Paulsson presents Biblical fact in an easy to follow format and explains the verses while allowing adequate room for you to interpret them on your own journey of faith. Overall, this was an incredible book which I enjoyed reading. I recommend it to anyone who is a seasoned believer or thinking of becoming one. Five Stars.

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