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Out-of-Print Works

The following books/series are no longer available for legal purchase at any retailers (online or physical brick and mortar) and have been officially retired as "out-of-print" and pulled from publication.

This includes any websites that may have any of these books listed for viewing (serialized sites, etc. as those copies have been pirated by those sites. I am in NO contracts with these sites or affiliated with them in ANY way.) Copies of these books have been listed without my permission. The books are Out-of-Print. End of story.

 I opted not to renew the contract with the publisher of the following series/books due to a variety of professional reasons that were not in the best interest of the books or my career. There are currently no plans to re-publish this series. Thank you to those who have read and followed this series. I hope to make up for what it lacked in both quality and story with far higher-quality content in my future works. As an author I will hold future publishers and myself to far higher standards than what I settled for on this series. 

The Snow Spark Saga
* The Bone Roses
* Garden of Ashes
* Stars Over Zephyr
* Count The Rain
Bestselling Author of Steampunk Fantasy
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