The TimeFeather Chronicles


(Fantasy Steampunk) 

As a former member of the Rain Riders--an elite group of pegasus riders whose sole purpose is to defend the Rain Lily Valley—eighteen-year-old Selkie Henwas is no stranger to the unusual. But when a herd of pegasi go missing and she’s called upon to help find them, she finds a message from her future self instead warning her to repair a flying ship before summer’s end or face Rain Lily’s destruction.


The valley’s feral magic has other plans though.


Caught up in a freak storm, Selkie and her winged colt, Aeronwy, are flung through the barrier shielding Rain Lily from a world that legends say died long ago. Now trapped in this new ‘advanced’ world with only the help of a disgraced scholar and an eccentric sheet metal mechanic to aid her, Selkie must use every bit of her training to find a way to return to her homeland before it’s erased from history altogether by a corrupt warlord and his second-in-command. With time itself against her, she’s about to learn that being a Rain Rider carries a steep price and that sometimes the key to saving the past lies buried in a very dark future.

The Completed work is represented by Sabrina Lundberg of Golden Wheat Literary


(Fantasy Steampunk)

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