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As of mid-January 2021, the entirety of the Snow Spark Saga will no longer be available for purchase via your favorite online retailers. After much consideration, I have opted not to renew the current contract with the publisher and as a result, all 4 books in the saga will be out-of-print as of February 20, 2021. This was a necessary decision I personally felt was in the best interest of the series overall as well as my current new series and future works. I do not intend to re-release the Snow Spark Saga once it's out-of-print. I feel my current focus and time are better spent on the TimeFeather Chronicles which is an actual steampunk series I'm passionate about, whereas Snow Spark Saga was accidentally given the wrong genre label and category during publication at some point. With that said, this has been a journey and I hope you will join me on the next one with the TimeFeather Chronicles. Thank you for being a part of this one. 
Also, because of this decision, I will no longer be responding to unsolicited reviewer requests for copies of any book in the Snow Spark Saga in exchange for reviews. Thank you for understanding.

The Snow Spark Saga

The Bone Roses Cover
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The Bone Roses

(Young Adult Post-Apocalyptic Western)


Sixteen-year-old Rags is the most feared child in the world—and with good reason.  When she’s not raiding the post-Yellowstone Kingdom’s established settlements for supplies to keep her frontier settlement, Rondo, alive another day, she’s fending off villagers who want her rare blue eyes in an unmarked grave. 


Faded scars from the iron shackles of her past mark her as an outcast in a town run by a sheriff hungry for a witch hunt, but dodging a burning pyre is the least of her problems.


When the Kingdom sends 2nd in Command, Henrick Oreson, to destroy Rondo in four days, a bullet finds its way to the chest of Rags’s best friend. She must choose between seeking revenge, or saving her loved ones trapped in a town bound for a slaughter broadcast Kingdom-wide. With little more than a stolen dream to guide her, and a growing attraction to a sly Kingdom informant stoking her vengeance, she’s about to give the Kingdom four days it’ll never forget—if the bounty on her doesn’t get her killed first.




Garde of Ashes Cover
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Garden of Ashes

(Young Adult Post-Apocalyptic Western) 

It’s the one place no rustler ever wants to end up.

Having survived Rondo’s destruction, sixteen-year-old Rags has been taken captive by the Kingdom and sentenced to ‘rehabilitation’ at the Kingdom’s Threshing Floor, a notorious prison camp for hardened criminals. Those who refuse to serve the Kingdom go in…no one comes out. 


Faced with this nightmarish reality, Rags is forced to use everything she knows as a rustler to survive against starvation, a cruel ward master, and torture at the hands of the Kingdom’s ruler, Hyperion. Given only two options—death, or conformation to the Kingdom’s ways—she’s forced to play the Kingdom’s twisted game.

With the help of the Kingdom’s second-in-command, Henrick Oreson, and its charismatic luresman, Colton Caelan Fieldson, Rags must find a way to play a convincingly false role she was never meant to play and show the Kingdom she can be ‘rehabilitated’ to its standards. But with the deciding evaluation rigged in the Kingdom’s favor, failure is imminent…unless she can find a way to turn lies into truth and achieve the impossible: actually escape the Threshing Floor.

Stars Over Zephyr Final Cover.jpg
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Count the Rain Cover.jpg
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Stars Over Zephyr 

(Young Adult Post-Apocalyptic  Western) 


With the Kingdom in chaos over her botched public execution, sixteen-year-old Rags has only one thing on her mind: survival. But that’s no easy feat with the Kingdom Corps chasing her, and every citizen wanting to cash in on the ultimate bounty. One place may offer shelter, though—Solstice, a lawless settlement where criminals go to seek refuge. 
Yet Solstice is anything but a safe haven. A professional bounty hunter prowls its seedy streets and a ruthless anti-Kingdom rebel group, known as the Supporters, are rumored to call this settlement home. Neither side is friendly to outsiders. Having fled with former second-in-command-turned-traitor, Henrick Oreson and former luresman, Colton Caelan Fieldson, it’s a chance Rags will have to take.

Their options few, they must work together to survive a hostile new world while on the run, earn the respect of the Supporters, and regroup against the Kingdom. If they fail, civil war among the settlements will rage Kingdom-wide. If they’re successful, it could mean a chance at revenge against Hyperion and his cruel Threshing Floor, and the possible opportunity to take back their Kingdom once and for all…



Count the Rain

(Young Adult Post-Apocalyptic Western)


Sixteen-year-old professional outlaw, Rags, never wanted to help save the world. But with the death of Hyperion and the salvation of the Kingdom at hand, she finds her newfound freedom to be more than she’s prepared for. That is, until a mysterious assassin targets her and the new leader of the Kingdom, Henrick Oreson, uttering two words: “Praise Antiquity.”


A ghost from the Kingdom’s past, Antiquity, poses a new threat. It’s rumored to be more advanced and is determined to take over in Hyperion’s stead. Forced to leave her family behind once again, Rags flees to Zephyr to protect them and the upcoming Council meeting that could make or break the Kingdom’s future. But with Antiquity coming for them, there are only two choices: go to the front lines and fight, or let the fragile new Kingdom fall.


Together with Henrick, new second-in-command Colton Caelan Fieldson, and Supporter leader Meridian, Rags must find a way to cripple Antiquity and prevent Zephyr from falling into the wrong hands. It won’t be easy when Antiquity has a weapon that could end the Kingdom in a single night. She’ll have to call upon everything she knows and the alliances she’s made to answer the one question that could mean the downfall of everything she’s fought for: are the needs of the many worth those of the few? Her choice will determine if the new Kingdom rises from the ashes… or returns to them.

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