The Snow Spark Saga

All artwork officially commissioned from and © Karen's Home Studio

Rags is a feisty 16-year-old outlaw rustler who finds herself embroiled in a nightmare of an adventure when her home settlement, Rondo, is invaded by the Kingdom. Forced to choose between saving her loved ones and seeking revenge, her antics in Rondo lead her to join forces with the enemy and challenge the Kingdom's cruel policies, a decision that will change everything she thought she knew about not only the world around her, but the people she calls family.⁣


Henny straddles the fine line between hero and villain, many of his personal beliefs clashing with the Kingdom’s cruel policies he was raised to uphold and protect. Though initially at odds with Rags, he sees the value in joining forces with her, his ultimate goal being to play the very long con in returning the Kingdom’s power to the hands of its people.

Henrick "Henny" Oreson

Unlike Henny, Colton takes a more relaxed approach to his duties in the Kingdom. Serving as the Kingdom’s Luresman, information is Colton’s currency of choice and he’ll do whatever he has to do to get it, even if that means defecting to the other side. His cleverness is rivaled only by his intelligence and his ability to get out of trouble as fast as he gets into it is invaluable in both gaining Rags as an ally and aiding Henny in returning the Kingdom’s power to the people.

Colton Caelan Fieldson

Matthias “Matthew” Brisby is the definition of a young man making the best out of a lousy situation. He’s the closest thing to a best friend and adoptive brother Rags has in Rondo and does his best to protect her from Rondo’s less-than-welcoming citizens. Despite his good nature though, Matthew hides a very dark past and secrets involving the Kingdom that once uncovered, challenge everything Rags thought she knew about him...

Matthias "Matthew" Brisby
Bestselling Author. Dreamer. All-Around Rebel
"Saddling up and corrupting the world one story at a time."
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